Best Low Calorie and Healthy Fast Food Options

Eating on the fly has become the most common trait of youngsters and also people of middle age who do not have the facility to carry lunchbox from home. The institute of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have said that almost 15 percent of calorie intake on regular basis is due to fast food habits.

However, it’s a wrong idea that you cannot stay fit with fast food diet – limitation is of course the best idea and if you choose the dishes diligently even in a restaurant the harmful effects of fast food can be negated to certain degree. Here we discuss some of the tricky menu options that will keep you fit, healthy and also away from the diseases that are brought by fast foods –

Salad and Grilled Chicken

grilled chicken

This is one of the healthiest fast food options that give you only 9.5 gm of fat, where 4 gram is saturated and healthy fat. Try to take the green veggies and the ones that come in boiled or steamed form. This low balsamic diet tastes even better with yoghurt tossed in.

Club Sandwich

This is a loved snack for the evening hours and is made of the fibre rich wheat bread roll. The sandwich is stuffed with healthy elements like green pepper, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, sweet onion sauce, cucumbers and apple slices. This dish has only 4.5g fat, where 1.5g is saturated fat and healthy for you!

Oven Roasted Chicken Salad

Salad in all form is considered to be the healthiest snacks of all. What you need to note is how the salad is made and with what? This dish in particular is made of olives, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and cucumbers. The dish is made further tempting and delicious with honey and mustard seasoning. The top most dressing is done with Yogurt Parfait. Only 6g fat and 1.5g saturated fat included makes this dish a perfect low calorie fast food option.

Chicken and Hummus

This combo is usually found in bistro boxes and contains grilled chicken, hummus, cucumber, grape tomatoes, banana and pita bread. The dish has 7 gram fat with 1.2 g saturated fat.

Barbacoa and Tacos

barbacoa and tacos

Barbacoa is nothing but braised beef on tacos with soft corn tortillas. The dish has only 10 g fat and 2.5g saturated fat in that. The dish is garnished with tomato salsa and lettuce. It can also be complimented with roasted corn, black beans and feta.

Burrito Bowl for Pure Vegetarians

Snacks options for veggie people is also no less in today’s restaurants. You can opt for brown rice with fajita vegetables; dressing made with lettuce, black beans, and roasted chilli-corn salsa. This bowl has 7g fat with 1g saturated fat.

There are many more low fat options apart from the ones discussed above – smoked turkey, pesto soup, baked potato chips, vegetable burger without mayonnaise, grilled chicken breast etc.