The 7 Perils of Consuming Fast Food

Its natural to love variety in food, especially when it comes wrapped in yummy taste and tantalizing flavours along the street corners; however there are many adversities associated with this pleasure of eating fast food on a regular basis. Usually fast food items are made of artificial ingredients with no health benefits, high sugar and fat content.

Inviting a host of health problems, fast food is not recommended to be a daily eat, ailments like obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases are common in people who are used to having such food frequently. Here is a list of 7 evils of fast food, after reading which you would surely give a second thought of eating them again –

perils of consuming fast food1. Unwanted Calories

There have been potential surveys that proved that people who binge on snacks and fast food every day a week, adds around 300 calories extra than the people who have fast food once a week. The reports of junk food consumption are maximum in United States, although other countries have also joined the league well enough.

2. Addiction

You will often see this addiction for fast food in the young groups who just cannot resist the temptation. This addiction is probably due to the extra sugar and food dye in fast foods in order to enhance the flavour and taste of the food. This is one of the major causes of the uncontrolled obesity epidemic all over the world.

3. Obesity

Records say that in the past twenty years, the total number of obese children has almost doubled and adolescents have tripled in most of the countries and the unanimous reason seems to be “fast food consumption”. It’s also seen that around 65% of American adults are obese and overweight. The immense calories, cooking oils, and preservatives jammed into these foods are not seen or realised when you eat them; but for prolonged period of time they show their effects.

4. Peptic Ulcer

Your gastrointestinal system is majorly damaged by fast foods as you are likely to develop peptic ulcer disease if fast food is a regular do. Extremely painful and difficult to be cured, this disease is mainly caused by spicy foods, alcohol and chronic stress. Chips, pizzas and salted snacks are the prime culprits.

5. iver Damage

Junk food has loads of artificial fats and trans fats that is also used as a preservative and cannot be removed from your digestive system. If fast food is regularly consumed for a long time, these fats severely damage the liver and cause liver failure.

6. Heart Diseases

The high cholesterol and sodium content in fast foods are responsible for the heart diseases that you can have if you consume them every day. Cholesterol clogs arteries and enhances the chances of heart attack; while sodium from the sodas, fries and meat can increase the blood pressure level.

7. Affecting the Environment

Apart from the health disadvantages, fast food is also affecting the environment where we are living. The resources that are needed to raise the meat for junk foods are creating a serious negative impact on the environment. For instance, one pound of hamburger needs 16 pounds of grain and 2500 gallons of water. The animals whose meats are needed to make the fast food meat live on antibiotics and a poor diet causing the animals to be mal-developed, which is again, have negative health effects on you if you consume.