5 Most Sensational Side dishes for Pizza

Pizza is a favourite amongst many communities and individuals all around the world. The concept of pizza night has stretched far beyond the Italian roots of the dish. But consuming just a pizza alone can make the meal a tad bit boring. Also some just prefer their meal with a few side dishes.

But which side dish best goes with a pizza can be a tricky choice to make. To make this decision a little easier, below is a list of 5 of the most sensational side dishes for pizza that may interest pizza lovers all around the globe. Glaze through the list and pick out the side that best suits your kind of pizza.

1. Salad

A salad can perfectly complement a pizza and make for the most sensational and amazing side dish. There are many different salad types that can be coupled with a pizza. Some may prefer a fruity salad to go with the pizza for example a pineapple or peach salad. Many also like salads like a white bean salad, green salads etc. all of which go perfectly with different pizza types.

2. Garlic Breads

garlic breadOne of the most sensational and hence one of the most popular side dish that is served with pizzas are garlic breads. These amazing little breads with the perfect flavour of garlic can add oodles of flavour and fun to the pizza. And more importantly this dish is extremely easy to prepare and serve.

3. Corn on the Cob

The freshly cooked/ boiled maize from sweet corn is another great side to go with pizzas. The dish is best consumed when it is still warm, and adds loads of freshness, flavours and a nice colour to the whole meal. The cob corn can be seasoned with salt and herbs as is preferred by an individual.

4. Roasted Vegetables

roasted vegetablesA serving of roasted vegetables can go perfectly as a side dish with an amazing pizza. The vegetables can vary with the choice of the group eating the food but the roasting should be done perfectly and by adding all the flavours needed. One of the best ways is to toss chopped vegetables in olive oil and salt and baking it.

5. Hot Wings

hot wingsAnother widely consumed sensational side dish to go with a pizza is hot wings. Whether it is hot chicken wings or any other variety like BBQ, it does compliment the pizza and can work as the perfect side dish.