Fast Food Leads to Obesity and Ill Health

Fast foods are highly processed, fatty, calorie rich and loaded with sodium; while having these delicacies you can easily take in 1,500 calories in merely one meal. If an individual chooses fast food meals every day; the accumulation of calories get larger day by day and above all it also invites other health conditions like cardio diseases. In the pioneer days, all the food items were natural and directly from the farms, you would not see any pre-made items or box mixes with preservatives and thus the obesity rates were also much less years ago. Pizzas, hotdogs, dollar sodas, cheeseburgers, unlimited shapes and sizes for fries, are there at your fingertips. People have stopped analyzing the disastrous effects it has on health and considered its easy availability and tantalizing taste throughout.


Below are certain health risks of having fast foods on regular basis:

  • Obesity- These junk foods are high on calories and leads to fat accumulation and causes obesity. As we all know that obesity is a source of many diseases hence junk food is a doorway to many other diseases as well.
  • Increased sugar level- High on sugary sauces, these foods can lead to high sugar level in the blood leading to diabetes.
  • Stroke- fast food leads to high blood pressure which is a leading risk factor for stroke.
  • Type 2 diabetes- Fast foods are associated to insulin resistance which is a major cause of type 2 diabetes.
  • Cardiovascular disease- Fast foods are a major reason of cardiovascular diseases as they build up plaque in the arteries causing heart failure.
  • Cancers- Fast foods are cooked fast without keeping the health in mind and hence it leads to cancer of colon, kidney as well as esophagus.
  • Low on hygiene- These foods are low on hygiene as you can get them easily anywhere and the quality of the food is also very low.
  • High on calorie- The ingredients used in these fast foods are tasty but are high on calories which many of us oversees and that leads to obesity and fat accumulation.
  • Scary preservatives- Many preservatives are used in those fast foods as to store the food for long but people do not know how harmful those preservatives are.
  • Low nutritional value- These foods may be high on taste but are low on nutritional value. As they are not cooked properly so the nutrients are either not fully restored or are destroyed during the cooking process. Also the ingredients that are used are if poor quality and not all of them are healthy.

Fast foods are tasty but one should not eat them regularly. Take time and eat healthy food as your daily diet. You may be running less on time but should never run less on your health. As it is said health is wealth so it is indeed your health that will give you wealth. Without being healthy you cannot work or do anything you wish to. Always eat food that is healthy and rich in nutrients. You can make them tasty by adding some of your favorite sauces but not always. Eat healthy and live healthy.