How Many Calories in Veggie Sticks

Veggie sticks as name suggests are prepared by cutting the respective vegetable into sticks like shapes. There are a variety of veggie sticks such as potato veggie sticks by Tender Joe’s, veggie sticks by Meijer etc. An account of the calorie content of the veggie sticks is given here.

The veggies sticks produced by the Tender Joe’s have a total calories count of 160 calories. About 1/6 package or 28.0 g (i.e. single serving) of the sticks has 8.0 g of fat content where 1.5g is saturated fat. The calories contributed by the fat content are 72 calories. The sodium content in the serving is 310 mg and protein content is 1.0 g. The total carbohydrates are 19.0 g of which dietary fibres make for 0.5 g.

Calories in Veggie Sticks

The Lion’s Choice also produces veggie sticks which are graded an A. A single serving of these veggie sticks have a calorie count of 30 calories. The sodium content in the veggie sticks is 60mg, the protein content is 1.0 g and the total carbohydrates are 7.0 g. Of these total carbohydrates about 2.0 g are dietary fibres and 3.0 g are sugars. The veggie sticks are very high in sugar content which is counts for a negative point. On the positive side the veggie sticks are high in calcium and iron, are very high in dietary fibres. They are also very high in vitamins A and C.

The veggie sticks manufactured by Meijer are graded D+ with a total calorie count of 140 calories per serving (1 oz or 28.0 g). The fat content in the sticks is 7.0g of which 0.5 g is saturated fat. The proteins and sodium content in the sticks are 270mg and 1.0 g respectively. The total carbohydrates are 18.0 g of which dietary fibres are 1.0 g. The good points of these sticks are that they are low in saturated fat and have no amounts of cholesterol and sugar.