How Many Calories in Garlic Mushrooms

Garlic mushroom is a mushroom dish which is made in a lot of garlic and may be served with garlic sauce. Garlic mushrooms are often spicy in taste and are served as appetizers or starters at many restaurants or cafes. Garlic mushrooms may either be dry or in a gravy which is made in Chinese style of cooking by adding vinegar etc. The number of calories present in garlic mushroom may vary depending upon type and amount of materials and ingredients in it. You can refer to the following given information about calorie content of garlic mushrooms and their nutritional value.

Calories in Garlic Mushrooms

Ruby Tuesday is a famous restaurant chain which serves many cuisines and one dish that it makes well is garlic mushrooms. There are about 138 calories present in 1 serving of garlic mushroom and out of these calories, 20% come from total fat content, 1% comes from total carbohydrates and 8% come from dietary fiber content.

Applebee’s is another company which sells sautéed garlic mushrooms.  1 serving of these garlic mushrooms contains 130 calories and as far as the nutritional value is concerned, these garlic mushrooms have been allotted a D- grade.20% of the 130 calories come from total fat, 23% come from saturated fat, 6% come from sodium, 1% come from total carbohydrates and 2% come from dietary fiber content. The good points about these garlic mushrooms which have been sautéed are that they have no cholesterol content and no sugar used for preparation. But there is a lot of saturated fat in them and this is a negative point about them.

Green giant is also good at making garlic mushrooms, ½ cup of which weighs about 120 grams and contains 25 calories. The nutritional grade given to these mushrooms is F. But the high dietary fiber makes for a good point about this dish.