How many Calories in Vanilla Milkshake

Everybody loves milkshakes and flavored milkshakes are even more popular. Vanilla milkshake is one flavor of milkshake which is quite commonly consumed and is available at a lot of restaurants or eateries. Vanilla milkshake is also sold in the market in canned packages and is manufactured by a lot of companies. If you wish to know about the  number of calories that are present in a vanilla milkshake or wish to find out about the health benefits of vanilla milkshake then the following given article shall prove to be of great help for you:

Calories in Vanilla Milkshake

Compliments is a very well know company that makes a number of packaged food items and drinks. One such item is vanilla milkshake. 1 box which weighs 200 grams of Compliments vanilla milkshake contains 240 calories out of which 30% come from saturated fiber, 14% come from total fat, 12% come from cholesterol, 9% come from sodium and 11% come from carbohydrates. There is a lot of calcium in this vanilla milkshake which is a good point about it but high saturated fat and high amount of sugar are the two negative points.

Hershey’s is also a company that prepares yummy vanilla milkshake. 1 serving of Hershey’s vanilla milkshake contains 320 calories. Out of these calories, 23% are contributed by saturated fat, 11% come from total fat, 7% come from cholesterol, 10% come from sodium and 18% come from carbohydrates. As far as the nutrition value of this milkshake is concerned, it has been tagged at a D+ grade. Low level of cholesterol and high amount of calcium are the two really good points about this vanilla milkshake whereas the fact that it has a really high content of sugar makes for a negative point which might not be such a good thing for health conscious people.