How Many Calories in Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a substitute for milk and has got a coconut flavor in it. Coconut milk is quite healthy in nature because it is a milk product. But do you know how many calories are present in coconut milk? The amount of calories in coconut milk depends upon the company that is manufacturing it. If you wish to know about the benefits of coconut milk then the following given article shall prove to be very useful for you:

Coconut milk is a great breakfast item that can be treated as a substitute for milk. 1 tablespoon which is equivalent to 15 grams contains about 35 calories out of which 16% comes from saturated fat, 6% comes from total fat and 1% comes from dietary fiber. The nutrition grade given to coconut milk is C+. Some good points about coconut milk are that it has no cholesterol content, very low sodium content and high quantity of manganese in it. But the negative part is that coconut milk has a high quantity of saturated fat in it.

Calories in Coconut Milk

Thai kitchen is another famous company that makes coconut milk lite. 2 oz of Thai Kitchen’s coconut milk contains 36 calories out of which 14% is contributed by saturated fat and 5% is contributed by total fat. The nutrition grade given to coconut milk is D- and the good points about this coconut milk are that it has no cholesterol, low sodium content and absolutely no sugar content in it. But the high amount of saturated fat is the only negative part about Thai Kitchen’s coconut milk.

Amoy coconut milk is also a popular brand for coconut milk. 1 oz which weighs about 28 grams of Amoy coconut milk contains 39 calories, 7% of which comes from total fat. The fact that it has no cholesterol is a good thing about Amoy coconut milk.