How many Calories in Soy Milk

Soy milk is a very nutritious substitute for milk and is consumed by a lot of people. Soy milk is generally consumed during breakfast and is sold by a lot of companies. The number of calories present in Soy milk depends upon the company that is manufacturing it. This means that each pack of Soy milk may have different number of calories and health benefits etc. If you are interested in finding out the amount of calories that are present in Soy milk and also about the health benefits of Soy milk, then please read the following given information:

Calories in Soy Milk

1 cup which is equivalent to 245 grams of Soy milk contains 132 calories and out of these calories, 7% have been contributed by total fat, 3% are present as a result of saturated fat, 5% are present due to sodium, 5% come from carbohydrates and 6% come from dietary fiber. Some of the good points associated with soy milk are that it has no cholesterol, is very low on the amount of saturated fat, is high in the manganese content and has got a lot of selenium and magnesium. The high amount of sugar content in Soy Milk is the one negative point about it.

8th continent is another company that is known to produce tasty soymilk. 236 grams of ligh Vanilla soymilk produced by this company contains 60 calories. These 60 calories are present as a result of 2% total fat, 8% sodium and 2% total carbohydrate content. As far as the nutrition value of Soy Milk is concerned, it has been given A- grade. Some of the positive points about 8th continent Vanilla Soymilk are that is it very high on the calcium content, has got a lot of riboflavin and is high on the vitamin A quantity. The high sodium content and high sugar content could be too negatives about this soymilk.