How Many Calories in Cloves

Clove is a spice that enriches the flavor of a lot of dishes and also adds an extra edge to the taste of many different recipes. Cloves are also considered good for health is taken or consumed in the right manner. Cloves are sold in the market at a lot of grocery stores and department stores across the world.  Do you know how many calories are present in cloves? Are you aware of the health benefits associated with cloves? If not and you are interested in knowing more about cloves then please go through the following given details and information about cloves:

Calories in Cloves

Gloves are also found in ground form. 1 teaspoon of ground cloves which weighs just 2.1 grams contains 7 calories. These 7 calories are composed of 3% dietary fiber, 1 % total fat and 1% saturated fat as well. The nutrition grade which has been allotted to cloves is B+ and there are quite a few health benefits of cloves. These include the fact that cloves have no cholesterol content, they are really low on the sugar content, they have a lot of calcium in them, there is a lot of dietary fiber content in cloves and the large amounts of iron, manganese, magnesium and vitamin C are also good features.

Clove chewing is a very popular kind of a chewing that has been made up using cloves.  1 serving of the CLOVE chewing contains 10 calories and this calories content is present as a result of 1% carbohydrates and other such also 2 grams of sugar. CLOVE chewing is pretty good for the health as it does not have a lot of saturated fat, has no sodium content, has no cholesterol content and is high on the amount of vitamin C and the dietary fiber content as well.