How Many Calories in Sicilian pizza

Sicilian pizza is a type of a pizza which is prepared in Sicily, Italy. Within the category of Sicilian pizzas, there are many different types of pizzas with different toppings and preparation methods.  Many pizza centers and restaurants serve Sicilian pizzas and by following a simple recipe, these pizzas can also be easily made at home. Do you know how many calories are present in a typical Sicilian pizza? If the answer to this question is no and you are interested in knowing more about Sicilian pizzas then the following given information will serve your purpose:

Calories in Sicilian pizza

Zoup is a company which serves delicious Sicilian pizza.  8 oz or 224 grams of Sicilian pizza prepared by this company contains 150 calories.11% of this calorie content is contributed by total fat whereas 8% is contributed by dietary fiber. There is very low cholesterol in this pizza and this is a really good thing about it.

Another very well known brand that makes and sells yummy Sicilian pizza is President’s choice. The New York Sicilian Pizza with Pepperoni and Ricotta cheese is a favourite amongst many people. 1/8 of this pizza contains 320 calories. This means that 142 grams of this pizza contains 320 calories. Out of these 320 calories, 15% come from total fat, 22% come from saturated fat, 7% come from the cholesterol content, 35% come from the sodium content, 14% come from the total carbohydrate content and 8% come from dietary fiber. As far as the nutritional value of this pizza is concerned, it is given C grade. There is a lot of sodium present in this pizza and this makes for a negative point but the fact that cholesterol is low can be considered as a good thing about President’s Choice New York Sicilian Pizza with Pepperoni and Ricotta.