How Many Calories in Sweet Pickle

Sweet pickles are those types of pickles which are slightly on the sweeter side due to the presence of sugar or other sweetening agent. Sweet pickles are generally made and sold in jars and are available quite commonly and widely. There are many different companies and brands which sell sweet pickles and the number of calories present in a sweet pickle may depend upon the ingredients that are used to make it. Infact the benefits or disadvantages of sweet pickles may also be dependent upon the ingredients which are used in them. The following given part of the article will give you more information about sweet pickle:

Calories in Sweet Pickle


Del Monte is a very famous brand known to sell many kinds of food items. One such item made by this company is sweet pickle.1 oz or 28 grams of Del Monte’s sweet pickle contains 40 calories. 9% sodium content, 3% carbohydrate content and 4% dietary fiber content are responsible for the presence of the 40 calories.

Wal-Mart is a world famous company and is known to sell and manufacture many products. Wal-Mart is also known to produce and sell sweet pickle. 1 oz of the sweet pickle made by this brand contains about 35 calories. Out of these 35 calories, 9% comes from the amount of sodium present in it and 3% come from the amount of total carbohydrates present. The large amount of sodium present in this pickle is one of its negative points.

Country Delight sweet pickle is another variant of pickle which is loved by many. 1 serving of this pickle contains 35 calories of which 8% calories are contributed by the sodium content whereas 3% of the calories come from total carbohydrates. This pickle has slightly less sodium amount than others and hence can be considered more healthy.