How many calories in rolling rock beer

Rolling Rock Beer is a well-known beverage founded in the 1939. Although primarily, it was used as a local beer of the Western Pennsylvania but in few decades it has marketed vigorously and has become a national product of the Pennsylvania. In the middle of the 2006, rolling rock starts its journey in New Jersey, USA and gets a huge response there. Water, barley, rice, hops, corn are the main ingredients used to manufacture this demanding beverage. Small amount of brewer’s yeast is used as the fermenting agent. Consumer rated rolling rock as a top rated beer based upon its aroma, appearance, taste, palate etc. Let us have a look what makes rolling rock beer a top notch beverage.

rolling rock beer

There are two kinds of Rolling Rock beer available in the market named “Rolling Rock Extra Pale” and “Rolling Rock Premium Beer”. They have different composition and are capable of producing different calorie index. The former contains 142 calories and the later one contains 120 calories. Generally, it contains only 5% of alcohol. It is used as a huge source of energy as it is capable of producing 142 calories for just 370g of Rolling Rock beer.

370g of Rolling Rock contains 3g of carbohydrates which comprises 3% of the total energy index. 10g of carbs and 1.3 g of protein is added to uplift the energy index by small percentage.

Using a time-honored system and only the best malted barley and mixture of rice, curbs and yeast, Rolling Rock is a conventional alcoholic beverage of America and loved by all. And it is well-known for its exclusive, full-bodied taste for its craftsmanship, colored organic package and heritage. The approximate price of rolling rock is $7 for a six-pack, which is significantly less expensive than the average price of other kinds of beers.