How many calories in a CORONA BEER

Corona is a mild alcoholic beverage manufactured by Cervecería Modelo in Mexico. It is one of the top-selling beverages worldwide. Outside of Mexico, Corona is usually offered with lemon in the neck of the container to add some tartness and flavors. In general Corona is manufactured from melt barley and rice or corn. Some amount of ascorbic acid is used as antioxidants agent and as a propylene glycol is used as a stabilizer. Let us come to know some basic points regarding the energy index of this largest selling bear.


Usually 1 bottle of corona contains 333 g of liquid beverages which considered as the energy resource of the youth as well as others. One bottle of corona contains total 148 calories of energy. 13 g of carbohydrates required to uplift the energy index by 4%.1g of protein added a very little amount of energy. Corona is Low nutrient liquor which has been continuously getting in huge reputation over the last several years, and that is mainly because it promotes itself as liquor which doesn’t cause you to gain as much body weight as regular liquor. Beer companies back up these statements by decreasing the calorie material in the liquor which they can sell as low nutrient. To accomplish this decreased calorie material, the liquor recognizes its carbs depend considerably cut in addition of carbohydrate percentage and alcoholic percentage. While low nutrient liquor is promoted as a way that you can enjoy liquor without getting the body weight.

Corona is a gluten- free drink that enables its consumer level from youth to that of old persons. Some critic doesn’t supports the corona as the low caloric drink but it has been proved by some national bureau and research team that the corona having a 10% of caloric value than other normal bear.