How many calories in Bacardi Rum

Bacardi rum is a widely consumed alcoholic beverage all over the globe and it comes in a variety of flavours. Being an alcoholic beverage its nutritional value is concentrated in carbohydrates and alcoholic protein fat mainly.

The nutritional value in terms of calories must be viewed in respect to the alcoholic content of the beverage Bacardi Rum. It contains 40% alcohol in each serving. The calorie content is 100 units. A single serving of Bacardi Superior rum contains 900mg of sugar and 900mg of carbohydrates. Single servings of 1fl oz. of Bacardi Superior rum contain 65 calories. The calorie breakdown is concentrated only on proteins.

Bacardi Rum

The 151proof rum contains 122 calories per shot. The calorie breakdown for this variant of rum is also totally concentrated on proteins.

The Bacardi Grand Melon is a much consumed variant that contains 68 calories per serving and a high carbohydrate content of 3g in the form of sugar. The calorie break down for the Bacardi Grand Melon is totally concentrated on carbohydrates.

The Bacardi Limon contains 66 calories per fl oz. The Limon too has a high carbohydrate content of 2g resulting in similar calorie breakdown values as the Bacardi Grand Melon.

The Silver Mojito variant of rum contains 200 calories per bottle and the entire drink is high on carbohydrates that amount to 34.7gm resulting in 12% contribution to the calorie count of this particular rum variant. All the above mentioned facts about the variants of Bacardi Rums are low on fat and high on protein or carbohydrate content.

While consuming alcoholic beverages health issues should be kept in mind for safety reasons. As over consumption of alcohol, be it any of the variants of Bacardi rum can bring adverse effects because they have approximately 40% alcohol. Too much of alcohol consumption not only brings health disorders but also results in increase of body weight.