Tips to Get Best ‘Cool Drinks’ for a Picnic

Picnic drinks should be refreshing, fun filled and accompanied by healthy eating and beverages as well. Picnic drinks are an essential part of every picnic as you need to have fluids to keep your body hydrated and to keep you energetic throughout the day. In order to beat the heat and to keep your favorite drinks cool on your picnic some effective tips are mentioned below –

best cool drinks for a picnicMud Pot

Using a mud pot is a traditional way of keeping things cold. You can pour in the required drink inside the mud pot and close it. After some time it will be ready to be taken in cold form and this is a healthiest way to keep your drink cold. Make sure to carry a small mud pot when you go on a picnic. Keep it covered in a box so that it is safe.

Wet Papers

Cut paper into small pieces and put a little water on them. Stick these papers over the bottle and keep it for a while. With this method, the drink will remain cold for some time. This is an easiest way to keep drinks cold temporarily and of course the most inexpensive option as well. Make sure to carry enough papers with you if a large group has come for picnic.

Glass Bottles

Instead of carrying drinks in huge cans, you can carry drinks in some small glass bottles. This will definitely keep the drinks cold for a long period of time. Make sure to keep the glass bottles closed and open it only when required. Many people also use cans as a substitute of this idea; but glass bottles keep the drinks colder for a longer period in comparison to cans.

Apart from all the tips mentioned above, make sure to carry sufficient water in wide mouthed cans or tubs, so that if nothing is in hand you can keep the drinks dipped in the water.

Water can also be a simple yet refreshing drink for your upcoming picnic – add ice cubes and some mint flavour to the water for better taste, immense freshness and also an added cooler effect. You can also carry some ice in a container and also take some glucose with you so that you can add it in water whenever required. This will help in providing with a lot of energy whenever you need and will keep you fresh.

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