How Many Calories in Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips are a wonderful chocolate item to eat and go really well with a lot of deserts such as ice creams, cakes etc. infact chocolate chips are used at the time of preparation of several sweets and deserts. Many companies make and sell chocolate chips and the number of calories present in chocolate chips may be different for each manufacturing company.  So in order to know more about the calorie content or health benefits of chocolate chips, please refer to the following given part of this article:

Calories in Chocolate Chips

Sunspire is a company that makes organic dark chocolate chips. These chocolate chips are made out of dark chocolate and 2 tablespoons of Sunspire organic dark chocolate chips contains 70 calories. Out of the 70 calories, 6% come from total fat, 13% come from saturated fat and 3% come from total carbohydrates.  One negative point about these chocolate chips is that they have a large amount of saturated fat content in them which may not be so good for the health.

Enjoy Life chocolate chips are really yummy chocolate chips.1 tablespoon which is equivalent of 14.9 grams of these chocolate chips contain about 75 calories. Out of these 75 calories, 8% have been contributed by the total fat content, 15% have been contributed by the saturated fat content, 3% come from the total carbohydrate content and 4% are contributed by the dietary fiber content.

The nutrition grade which has been given to these chocolate chips is C-. Some good points about Enjoy Life chocolate chips are that they have absolutely no sodium content in them and are also devoid of any cholesterol. But on the other hand the negative points about consuming Enjoy Life chocolate chips are that they are really high on the sugar content and also have a lot of saturated fat as well.