How Many Calories in Pineapple Bun

A pineapple bun is type of a sweet bun which is very popular item in Macau and Hong Kong. The top of this bun is dough which is made of sugar, eggs, lard and flour and the underneath layers of this bun is bread. The traditional variant of this bun has no pineapple but it gets this name due to its appearance and structure. You can find out about the caloric value and nutritional aspect of a pineapple bun by reading the following given information:

Calories in Pineapple Bun

Dim Sum is a company which is known for the pineapple buns it makes. 1 bun made by this company contains a total of 260 calories. Out of this about 70 calories come from fats alone. 11% of the calories are contributed by the amount of total fats present, 17% of the calories come from saturated fat content, 27% of the calories come from cholesterol content, 7% of the calories are contributed by sodium present, 14% are there because of the amount of total carbs and 12% come from the protein content. There is no dietary fiber content in pineapple buns made by Dim Sum. As far as the sugar content is concerned, these buns have got a total of 9 gram of sugar content in them. Some good points about these pineapple buns are that they have vitamin A, Iron, and even a little bit of calcium present in them but on the other hand, the cholesterol content, sugar content and the saturated fat content is too high.

Bo Lo Bao is another company which makes pineapple buns.1 bun made by this company contains 260 calories in total of which 11% come from total fat, 27% comes from cholesterol, 6% comes from sodium, 4% comes from dietary fiber and 13% comes from total carbohydrates.