How Many Calories in a Shamrock Shake

The shamrock shake is a milkshake/ drink which is manufactured and owned by the fast food joint McDonald’s. The shake named the shamrock shake is a seasonal drink; it is green dyed mint flavoured milkshake. The dessert is sold at the McDonald’s outlets during the month of March. It is an iconic drink which represents the celebrations of the St. Patricks Day. The shake was originally introduced in 1970 by Rogers Merchandising, in Chicago. The executive artist of the firm, James Byrne, used a family recipe to create the shake. The shake is since sold at all the American stores as well as a few select Canadian stores during the months of February and March. A description of the calorie content of the shake is given here.

Calories in a Shamrock Shake

The shamrock shake produced and served at the McDonald’s outlets is provided a grade D+ in the reference to the nutritional and calorie analysis. A single serving of the shake which about 340.2 grams, has a total of 530 calories. The total fat content in this single serving is 17.0 g of which 11.0 g is saturated fat and 1.0 g is trans fat. The calories contributed by the fat content are 153 calories. The shake (single serving) contains 50mg of cholesterol, 170 mg of sodium and 10.0 g of proteins. The total carbohydrates content in the shake is 84.0 g of which 73.0 g is sugars.

The shamrock shake also contains vitamin A (15%) and calcium (40%), where the percentage values refer to the daily requirement values based on a 2000 calorie diet. The fact that the shake is low in sodium is a good point. But there are also a few bad points about the shake which are- it is high in saturated fats and is very high in sugar content.