How Many Calories in A Vanilla Cupcake

A cupcake is a small cake which is designed to serve only one person (unlike a bigger cake). They are also referred to as fairy cakes or patty cakes. Though the main ingredients of the cupcakes are butter, sugar, eggs and flour; a variety of other ingredients are also used in the preparations. Depending on the kind of main and other ingredients used in the making of the cupcakes the calorie count of one may vary from the other. A description of the calorie count of vanilla cupcakes is given below.

Calories in A Vanilla Cupcake

Freshdirect produces vanilla cupcakes which are graded D+ and have a calorie count of 380 calories per cupcake (99.0g of cupcake). The fat content in the cupcake is 20.0g of which 12.0g is saturated fat. The fat content contributes about 180 calories to the total. The cholesterol, the sodium and protein contents in the cupcake are said to be 105mg, 200mg and 3.0g respectively. The total carbohydrates are 47.0g with 35.0g of it being sugars. The low sodium is good. But the high saturated fat and very high sugar contents are bad points of the cupcakes.

The sugar free vanilla cupcakes by the Butterfly Bakery are given a D- grade. One vanilla cupcake (i.e. 74.5 g of cupcake) is said to have about 290 calories. The calories from the fat content are 198 calories and the fat content itself is 22.0g. The division of the fat content is- 7.0g of saturated fat and 2.0g of Trans fat. The cholesterol content in the cupcake is 50mg, the sodium content is 250mg and the protein content is 3.0 g. The total carbohydrates are 29.0 g of which dietary fibres are only 1.0 g. The high amounts of saturated fat prove to be a bad point while no sugar content proves to be a good point about these cupcakes.