How Many Calories in Pasta Noodles

Pasta is a type of noodle with its origins in the Italian cuisines. It is considered a staple food of the Italians. It comes in a number of variations depending on the ingredients used. There are mainly two types of pasta: fresh pasta and dried pasta. It is made with unleavened dough of durum wheat mixed with either water or egg. This is then rolled into sheets or any other shapes. Flour from other cereals like semolina, is also used to make pasta.

Calories in Pasta Noodles

The calorie content of one cup of boiled Pasta Noodle is 207 calories. Total fat content in pasta noodles amounts to 1g only. There are 0g monosaturated and polysaturated fats. It has no cholesterol. Total Carbohydrate is 41g and Protein is 7g. White dry pasta made from rice cereal has 599.8 calories when the net weight is 163 grams. 105 grams of dry corn pasta noodles provide 374.9 calories, while the cooked form of 140 grams gives 176.4 calories. The cooked homemade pasta of 57 grams provides 70.4 calories. However when it’s served with egg, the calorie count increases to 74 kilojoule. Macaroni is a similar variant of pasta, but found in different shapes apart from noodle form and can provide 389 calories in 105 grams weight.

Pasta or Pasta Noodles is generally served with a sauce or a side of meat. It is usually used as a main course. It is usually paired with olive oil and tomato sauces or vegetables. Pasta, especially the whole wheat kind is known to have several health benefits. It becomes a highly filling and healthy meal if it is accompanied with a good portion of healthy vegetables and meats which makes for a perfect meal. This food group also helps in weight loss and weight maintenance. It helps to prevent abdominal obesity. A small portion of Pasta Noodles leaves you filling for a longer period of times which helps to tackle over-eating and thus weight control.