How Many Calories in Miso Soup

Before we get into the calorie count of Miso Soup let us first understand what Miso is. This is a traditional Japanese seasoning which is made by fermenting ingredients like rice, soya, barley with a mold or a fungus called kojikin and sea salts. This mixture is allowed to ferment from 3 months to three years. This produces an enzyme-rich paste which is used to make the soup. The color ranges from light yellow to a dark earthy color. This can be cooked with vegetables especially root vegetables or dark leafy greens. It is one of the highly recommended ingredients of healing diets. The Miso Soup is part of the staple diet of all Japanese.

Calories in Miso Soup

One cup of Miso Soup contains 84 calories. Its breakdown is 35% Fat, 36% Carbohydrates, 29% Protein. It is packed with Calcium – 6%, Vitamin C – 8% and Iron – 8%. Of the total Fat of 3.36 g Saturated Fat is 0.622g, Monosaturated Fat 1.085g and Polysaturated Fat 1.394g. It has no cholesterol, dietary fiber of 1.9g and Sugars 2.59g. It has a high Sodium content of 998g due to the fermentation process. It has Potassium 367g, carbohydrates 7.78g and Protein 6.02g. Miso soup can be served in various measurements like 1oz and 100 gram; with 10 KJ and 35 KJ calories of energy giving capacity respectively. The miso soup cannot be called a fat free recipe, rather regular consumption of the soup can increase body weight.

The Miso Soup is an effective detoxifier and helps in eliminating the harmful elements taken into the body through pollution, artificial chemicals in the soil and food. A bowl of warm miso soup in the morning is said to aid digestion and energizes the body. It has all the essential amino acids which makes this soup a complete protein food and is known to provide beneficial probiotics for the intestines.