How Many Calories in a Green Pepper

Green pepper or sweet pepper and is generally known as the capsicum. There are different kinds of Green Pepper. Green Pepper is the capsicum that is green in color and is the unripe Green Pepper. Green pepper is a very common ingredient in Italian and Chinese dishes. The color of the Green paper changes with seasonal cultivation.

Usually one cup of chopped Green Pepper weighs 150 grams. These 150 grams of the green pepper provides more than 30 calories of energy. This is a natural source of dietary fiber. The amount of dietary fiber is 3 grams. It contains 300 milligrams of fat. Green pepper has a sweet taste in some varieties; there is more than 4 gram of sugar in 150 gram of the sweet Green pepper variety. Presence of protein is 1.3 gram in an average sized Green pepper. That amount of protein adds to the total energy index by more than 10 %.

Calories in a Green Pepper

Green pepper has abundance of Vitamin A that increases the calorie index by more than11%. The vitamin C content increases the calorie index by 20 %. One percent of calorie comes from the calcium. 6.9 gram of carbohydrates can be obtained from the 149 gram of Green pepper. This amount of carbohydrate increases the energy index by 2%. 4miligram of sodium can be obtained from the 249 gram of Green Pepper. The Iron is 3%.

Most of the Green Peppers have a pungent smell and due to its bright and attractive color, it is mostly used for garnishing purpose. This same species of pepper may have variety of different colors such as red, yellow and violets. The fleshy part is used in various cooking recipes. The placental tissue holds the seeds, later these seeds are also used for making pickles. Green pepper is a very useful vegetable; it is healthy as well as a tasty ingredient for various recipes.