How Many Calories in Mixed Fruit Juice

Mixed fruit juice, as the name suggests is a juice which has been made by using  many different fruits mixed together. Mixed fruit juice may contain the juice of oranges, mangoes, pomegranates, apple, grapes etc. There is no fixed amount of calories in a mixed fruit juice since the caloric content is totally dependent upon the fruits used and the percentage of different fruits used. But you can find out the nutritional value and calorie content of mixed fruit juice by reading the following given information:

Calories in Mixed Fruit Juice

Del Monte sells mixed fruit juice in canned form. 1 can weighing 113 grams contains a total of 50 calories out of which 4% come from total carbohydrates and 4% come from dietary fiber content. The nutritional grade given to this juice is B+. The fact that this juice contains very little sodium is a really good thing about it in addition to the fact that it contains very high amount of vitamin C and a bit of iron and vitamin A as well. But a lot of sugar is used to make del Monte mixed fruit juice and this is a negative point about it.

Heinz is another brand which manufactures delicious mixed fruit juice. 4 oz of this juice contains a total of 60 calories out of which 5% come from total carbohydrates. There is about 12 gram of sugar in this juice. The fact that Heinz mixed fruit juice contains really large quantity of vitamin C is a very good thing about it. But the other good points include very low amount of sodium and high amount of vitamin A content. The only negative thing about mixed fruit juice manufactured by Heinz is that it contains a lot of sugar in it. There is a little bit of calcium too there in this juice.