How Many Calories in Miller Pilsner

Miller Pilsners are a pale to golden coloured beer. This is mainly done by warm fermentation using pale ale. In this brewing process the sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon-di-oxide. The Miller Pilsners have a bitter to earthy taste.

A light beer like miller pilsner helps to control the weight; but when the consumption is in control. Usually one bottle of this beer weighs 500 grams that gives 150 calories and 10 grams carbohydrates. There is no fat content in this beer. 12-oz of Miller Pilsners has a calorie of 150. Generally 1 alcohol unit is measured as 10ml or 8g of pure alcohol. This equals a third of a pint of beer which means 5-6% alcohol by volume. Light pilsners, however, have low calorie content. 12-oz contains 96 calories.

 Miller Pilsner

Pilsners are a particular type of lager. Lagers are generally brewed using cold-temperature-loving yeast. The temperature is generally below 50oF. The calories in Miller Pilsner beers can be burnt by walking, jogging, cycling and swimming. The Pilsner beer uses 4% of hops like saaz and hallertauer hersbrucker. Saaz gives a distinctive flavour.

The single hop saaz contain 144 calories and 4.8% alcohol by volume.

Pilsner was introduced way back in 1842 and was a beer of its kind. Its pale golden colour was the main attraction then. Prior to these beers were dark in colour. Today pilsner are brewed with very soft water and made with assertive but with varying amount of hops. All pilsners are lagers but all lagers are not pilsners. The company also produces other variants of beers like Miller High Life Light that has 4.2 percent alcohol as per the volume of the bottle and 110 calories. Most of these light beers are made predominantly of water (almost 280 g of water). The yeast used for fermentation is removed during the process these days and hops are used for flavouring and also as preservative.