How Many Calories in Fanta Orange Juice

The Coca Cola Company has wowed the market with many a sodas. Fanta is one of them. Its orange soda is a huge hit! The color the zesty taste and the punch in every sip seems to connect with the young crowd in particular. It is a very popular day drink and is a must have in pool parties, brunches, open air picnics and day trips. This drink has a fan base not only among the young and the kids, but in all age groups. Since this is such a well liked soda, people ought to know the nutritional value of this drink.

 Fanta Orange Juice

A 30 gm drink size of Fanta Orange soda has 14 calories. It also has 35 gm Sodium and the same amount of carbohydrates. The reason for the carbohydrate content is that these sodas have artificial flavor and sugar added to them. The added sugar is what adds taste to the drink. Hence it is high on sodium and carbohydrates.

A diet Fanta Orange soda of a 250 gm serving size however has only 8 calories. This has no fat, no carbohydrates and no protein. Thus there is a difference in the nutritional value between a general drink and a diet drink. The taste though slightly different, can be passed on as being quite close.

The Fanta Orange juice / soda should be seen as a health drink. The main reason is that though it may have an orange flavor, it is nothing close to orange juice. Therefore it is devoid of any vitamins that are normally present in orange juice. This soda can also be used in cocktails other than just an independent drink. There are no proteins, minerals or vitamins in the soda. But nevertheless, it tastes amazing and finds itself in the refrigerators of most households.