How Many Calories In Passion Fruit Juice

Passion fruit also known as granadilla is rich in Vitamin C and healthy plant nutrients. Native to the subtropical South America, the passion fruits draws its origin from Paraguay. This climber (vine) grows on things it grabs with its tendrils.

Maguary’s Passion Fruit Juice contains 10 calories and in one serving of 0.73 ounces it gives 21.0 g of health and nutrition. Total fat and saturated fat content is 0.0g while cholesterol and sodium content in this fat free drink is 0mg. Total carbohydrate you get in this drink is 2.0 g from sugars and proteins and finally 5% Vitamin C.

Passion Fruit Juice

In a serving of Passion Fruit Juice Yellow, you get 148 calories and in this fat calorie is only 4. A single serving of this healthy drink comprises 247.0g in one cup. Total fat in this drink with Polyunsaturated Fat (0.3g) and Monounsaturated Fat (0.1g) is 0.4g. Adding 15mg Sodium, this drink has 0.5g Dietary Fiber, protein 1.7g and loads of sugars at 35.2g. This version of passion fruit juice has 47% Vitamin A, 75% Vitamin C, and nominal amounts of Iron and Calcium each.

Necta with its amazing Dewlands Passion Fruit Juice blend with other fruits brings to you a healthy passion fruit juice with a calorie count of 120. In a single cup serving of this fruit juice you get healthy nutrients of 250.0g made up with 0.0g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 10mg sodium, 28.0g carbohydrates made of sugars (27.0g) and Proteins (1.0g). Rich in vitamin C, this health drink has little amounts of vitamin A and almost 0% calcium and iron each.

Walmart’s awesome Berry Pineapple Passion Fruit Juice Cocktail is another healthy fruit punch loved by health enthusiasts across the world. The various brands presenting passion fruit juice in various combinations with a myriad of other fruits and ingredients in varying proportions to offer differing health benefits to the consumers.