How Many Calories in Instant Noodle

Everyone loves to eat instant noodles which are not only easy to make but are also quite tasty. There are many different varieties of instant noodles and a lot of companies manufacture these noodles. The amount of calories in a serving of instant noodles depends upon the ingredients which are used to make them and also the method which has been followed to prepare them. Do you know whether or not instant noodles have any kind of health benefits or not? If not then the following given article will be of help to you:

Calories in Instant Noodle

Mama is a famous company which is known to make yummy instant noodles.  The Pork flavored instant noodles produced and sold by this company is a very popular and famous variant of instant noodles.1 pack weighs about 60 grams and contains 280 calories out of which 20% comes from total fat, 30% comes from saturated fat, 42% comes from sodium, 12% comes from carbohydrates and 12% also comes from dietary fiber content. The nutrition grade given to these noodles is D. the good thing about this instant noodle flavor from Mama is that it contains no cholesterol. But the negative points about these noodles are that they have a lot of saturated fat content and even the amount of sodium is high.

Ottogi is another brand which is popular for making Asian style instant noodles. 2.12 oz of these noodles that weigh 60 grams contain about 260 calories out of which 12% come from the total fat content, 25% come from the saturated fat content, 41% come from the sodium content, 13% come from the total carbohydrate content and 2% also come from the dietary fiber content. No cholesterol and low sugar quantity make these instant noodles quite healthy but high sodium content is a negative point about them.