How Many Calories in Fruit Kolache

A fruit kolache is a type of a pastry which contains a fruit filling in the centre hole. Fruit kolache are available in many different flavors and shapes and are sold at many pastry or bakery shops. Fruit kolache are considered healthier than a normal kolache which has a filling of cheese or sausage. Do you know how many calories are present in a fruit kolache? Do you know whether or not a fruit kolache has any health benefits of not? If not then the following given article will be useful for you:

Calories in Fruit Kolache

Kolache Factory is a very popular brand name which is known to prepare and sell many different varieties of kolache. They make cheese kolache, sausage kolache and also fruit kolache.  1 piece of a fruit kolache prepared by this company weighs around 113 grams. This one piece contains 210 calories. Out of the 210 calories, 8% of the calories have been contributed by total fats, 2% of the calories come from the cholesterol content present, 5% of the calories come from the sodium content, 12% of the calories are present due to total carbohydrates and 4% of the calories come from the dietary fiber content. The fact that this fruit kolache made by Kolache factory does not have any percentage of saturated fats makes it pretty healthy. Another good point associated with this fruit kolache is that the amount of cholesterol and sodium present is also quite low.

To burn these 210 calories, one would need about 58 minutes of walking, 24 minutes of jogging, 17 minutes of swimming or 32 minutes of cycling. There is also a little bit of protein content present in the fruit kolache sold by Kolache Factory and this is another positive point associated with it apart from the presence of fruits.