How Many Calories in Guinness

One of the most popular beer brands in the world is Guinness. Its USP is its flavor of roasted unmalted barley. But before you experience the kick in the beer, it is best to know the nutritional value this drink has.

Calories in Guinness

1 pint or 568 gm of Guinness Draught beer has 210 calories. There are 17 gm of carbohydrates in the drink but no fat. The same amount of the Stout variant of the beer has 170 calories and just 5.7 gm of carbohydrates in it. 1 serving of the pasteurized beer from Guinness has 125 calories and just about 19 gm of carbohydrates. Special notice should be taken to observe that there are no minerals and vitamins in the beer. The protein content in the beer is also minimal. Guinness also manufactures a barbeque sauce with the beer flavor and 2 tablespoons of this sauce have 50 calories. There are no fat content in the sauce. But the composition of the sauce is such that there is 360 mg of sodium in the sauce and 13 gm of carbohydrates. There are 11 gm of added sugar in the sauce and just 2% iron.

Guinness beer does not have any vitamins in them and they are completely devoid of vitamin A or C. The Lager manufactured by Guinness has few calories when compared to the former variants. 440 gm of a Lager has 79 calories. The carbohydrate content is quite high and it has about 167 gm of carbohydrates. This drink too has no proteins or vitamins in it.

Guinness does not have many nutritional benefit, thus just to quench thirst and taste one can have this drink in limited amount. Too much consumption of this beer can bring many health disorders, thus occasional drinking in parties should only be allowed.