How Many Calories in a Cobb Salad

Cobb salad is widely spread and most healthy salad originated from America. This is a green salad that consists of crisp bacon, tomato slice, boiled eggs, boiled or roasted chicken breast, cheese, red wine, avocado. Sometimes Black olives are mixed with the above mentioned ingredients to make it tastier.  In order to remember the ingredients of the Cobb Salad one can use the acronym EAT COBB which means: Egg, Avocado, Tomato, Chicken, Onion, Bacon, Blue cheese.

Generally this adored dish is served as starter before meals; some also have it as snacks in tiffin. The served amount is 431 grams by international consideration. This is a green salad and can add around 587 calories of energy. 40 grams of saturated fat come from different types of ingredients used. More than 50 grams of protein can be obtained from the animal stuffs and other vegetables used while manufacturing.

Calories in a Cobb Salad

The red wine is used to increase the taste profile and the smell of the dish. Sugar adds 10 % of calories in the calorie index. The 11 gram of carbohydrates contains 4% of dietary fiber; thus it is said that consuming Cobb Salad helps in keeping the body system clean of harmful toxins as it keeps the excretory system active. More than 360 calories of energy come from fat, which is more than 40 % of calorie index. Amount of Cholesterol present in the dish is 60%by weight. This huge amount of cholesterol comes from different types of saturated oils and produce more than 60 % of the energy of the energy index.

Although the amount of fat is much high in Cobb Salad, but with the help of healthy ingredients most of the harmful effects of fat can be negated. Today, Cobb salad is loved not only because of its delightful taste but also for the rich nutritive value.