How Many Calories in A Croissant

Croissant is a form of pastry, made from puff pastry dough. Thus, it is flaky, light, and deliciously buttery. Croissants are usually seen in crescent shapes, as the word croissant means in French – “crescent”. The pastries originated in France but now are equally popular in other nations as well as breakfast food. In some countries, croissants are stuffed with sweet or savory ingredients, or used as croissant sandwiches.

Calories in A Croissant

Almost 100 gram of croissant can increase your energy index by 254 calories. The excessive fat content is actually the saturated fat, which leads to the increase in the total calorie index to more than 25 %. 10 milligram of cholesterol comes from the butter and the yeast while producing. This amount of cholesterol increases your calorie index by 10 %. 274 milligram of sodium is generated from different ingredients used in the manufacturing procedure. This small amount of sodium increases the calories index by 11 %. The total carbohydrate content in this breakfast delicacy is 37 grams which is more than 12 % of the total weight served. Among 37 grams of Carbohydrate 2.5 gram is the dietary fiber which helps in keeping the body’s excretory system active. By weight 7 gram of protein can be found which makes this as a very healthy for children as well as people of all ages. This large amount of protein is used to increase the calorie index by 14%.

In croissant, the vitamin A content is 7%. Moreover calcium, Vitamin B12, Magnesium can be found in very small amount. This also increases the calorie index by little percentage. Overall, croissant can be said to be a healthy breakfast snacks, but of course in restricted numbers. Although, the food is really yummy and tasty the consumption should be restricted as too much intake can surely lead to increase in body weight.