How Many Calories in English Muffin

English muffin is a popular and common variety of muffin which can be eaten as a snack or dessert. English muffins are manufactured by many companies and the calorie content of each of these variants may be different from each other depending upon the composition and quantity of ingredients such as sugar etc used.  English muffins are not only tasty but also very widely produced and sold all across the world. The following is a detailed description of the number of calories in English muffin.

Calories in English Muffin

Thomas’ is a popular brand name which manufactures English muffins. 1 muffin made by this company contains a total of 56.7 grams and contains 120 calories in total. This particular muffin has been allotted a nutrition grade B-.  Out of the 120 calories, 2% of the calories come from total fat, 8% of the calories are contributed by the sodium content, and 8% come from total carbohydrates whereas 4% come from dietary fiber content. There are many good things about English muffins made by Thomas’ and these are that these muffins are devoid of any cholesterol and saturated fat and are low in the amount of sugar as well. Infact high amount of thiamin present in them makes them even better to eat.

Dempster’s is another company which is known for the yummy English muffins that it makes. 1 muffin of this company weighs 57 grams and contains a total of 130 calories. Out of the 130 calories, 2% of the calories come from total fat, 1% of the calories come from saturated fat, 5% of the calories come from sodium, 8% of the calories come from total carbohydrates and 8% come from dietary fiber content. The nutrition grade given to these muffins is B. Low amount of sugar and low amount of saturated fat makes these muffins healthy to eat.