How Many Calories in Banana Milkshake

Banana milkshake is a very tasty and healthy milkshake which is also considered great for those who are trying to build muscle mass. Banana milkshake is made by crushing bananas and adding milk and sugar to it. It can be easily prepared at home and is also sold by many cafes, restaurants and other eateries. Banana milkshake has got quite a few calories and that it the reason why people who are trying to gain weight are asked to drink banana milkshake. The following given article will help you know more about the calories and benefits of banana milkshake.

Calories in Banana Milkshake

Yazoo is a company which is known for its quality of banana milkshake. 1 bottle weighing 500 grams of this particular banana milkshake contains 325 calories and has been tagged at a nutrition grade of B. This bottle of banana milkshake contains 9% total fat, 20% saturated fat, 9% sodium and 17% total carbohydrates. Due to the presence of milk, there is a lot of calcium in this milkshake flavor which can be considered as one of its good points in addition to high riboflavin content and high vitamin B12 content. The only negative point is the high amount of sugar present in this milkshake.

Red Robin makes Classic banana milkshake which has been given a C- nutrition grade.  1 shake containing 28 grams of banana milkshake made by this company has got a total of 380 calories of which 23% are contributed by the total fat, 5% come from the sodium content, 19% come from the total carbohydrates and 4% are contributed by dietary fiber content present in it. This banana milkshake from Red Robin is high on calcium and vitamin B12 and these are the positive points about it. But there is a lot of sugar present which is a letdown.