How Many Calories in Energy Drinks

The energy drinks and health drinks by various brands is in great vogue these days, especially among the fitness enthusiasts. The popularity of the energy drinks has increased with the growing popularity of the concepts of staying in shape.

Monster Energy by Monster Beverage having 100 calories is one of the leading brands. In a serving size of 8 fl oz this health drink offers 240.0 g nutritional value. Sodium content being 180mg forms 8% in the nutrition value while total Carbohydrates comprising 27.0g is formed fully by sugars. With 100% vitamin C, the amount of vitamin A, iron and calcium is 0.

Energy Drinks

Those of you, who have tried out Monster Energy, might want to try Monster Energy Lo – Carb for a change. In a single serving size of 8 fl oz you get the same 240.0 g nutrition while you gain lesser calories at just 10. With 0.0g total fat content and 0mg cholesterol, this health drink is rich in 180mg sodium and 3.0g sugars and 0.0g protein forming the total carbohydrate content 3.0g. With similar amounts of vitamin A, C, calcium and iron contents, this drink is not much different than the above mentioned one.

Red Bull Sugar Free energy drink by Red Bull is another very popular health drink having total calorie count of 10 and in a single serving size of 1 3/5 oz you can have 250.0 g nutrition value. Total Fat content in this health drink is 0.0g while sodium forms 100mg and 3.0 g is formed by carbohydrates and 1.0g proteins. This drink is the ideal one for those in search of an enriching protein drink.

Red Bull Energy Drink with a whole lot of calorie count of 110 offers 8 3/10 fl oz (249.0 g) in a single serving. With 200mg sodium forming 8% of the nutrition value, carbohydrate content is 28.0g in which 27.0g is formed by sugars alone.

Diet Rockstar by Rockstar has a calorie count of 10 while sodium content is 140mg, carbohydrate amount is 2.0 g and protein is 1.0 g and in a single serving of 8 oz you get 224.0 g nutrition. Featuring 100% Vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and calcium content is almost nil.