How Many Calories in a Brie Sandwich

A brie sandwich is considered a favorite of many due to its creamy texture. The brie brings all the other ingredients to a lucid harmony and that is what gets the attention of the gourmet. Usually, people prefer to mix and match ingredients like ham, bacon, smoked turkey, salami, and even cranberry to the sandwich to get a unique taste. Well, delicious as much as these sandwiches may taste, it is important to know how many calories you are consuming with each sandwich.

Brie Sandwich

A hot favorite item on several palates is a country ham and brie sandwich. A 10 oz sandwich has 639 calories and it will add 25 gm fat content to your body. So it may fortify you for some time, but weight watchers, watch out! An 11 oz smoked turkey sandwich has 772 calories and adds 26 gm fat to your system, while brie and bacon sandwich has 603 calories. If you compare a brie and bacon sandwich to a brie and salami sandwich, then the latter proves to be a leaner alternative with just 380 calories.

In all these sandwiches, brie is common and just filling of brie of about 1.5 oz has 150 calories. Since it mild French cheese, it definitely adds to the fat content and this size of helping has 14 gm fat with saturated fat being 6 gm. However, it also 8 gm of protein so your body does benefit from the brie in the sandwich. Brie is made of cow milk and thus it has a lot of Vitamins. There is Calcium, Iron, and Vitamins A and C.

The brie sandwiches that have fruits like cranberry and grapes are definitely low on calories. They are just about 230 calories in a 100 gm sandwich and the fat content is also less than 20 gm. These are healthier options among the various types of brie sandwiches.