How Many Calories in Beef Barley Soup

Beef barley soup is a kind of a soup that has been made up from beef as well as barley. Beef barley soup is quite healthy and tasty as well. It takes time to make this soup because the meat takes time to get tender. Are you wondering how many calories are present in beef barley soup? Do you know whether this soup has any health benefits associated with it or not? If you wish to find out the answers to these questions, then please refer to the following given information:

Calories in Beef Barley Soup

Progresso is a famous company which prepares delicious healthy classic beef barley soup. 1 cup of this soup which weighs 241 grams contains 142 calories in total and has been tagged at A nutrition grade indicating that this soup is nutritious and healthy. 3% of the calories present in this soup come from total fat, 4% of the calories come from saturated fat, 6% of the calories come from cholesterol, 20% of the calories come from sodium, 7% of the calories come from total carbohydrates and 13% of the calories come from dietary fiber content. The fact that this soup contains no sugar and high percentage of niacin is a good thing about it in addition to the fact that there is high quantity of vitamin A in it as well. The negative point about this soup is the high amount of sodium.

Campbell’s is a popular and very well know brand that is famous for manufacturing different variety of soups. One soup which is sold by this company is the hearty beef barley soup.1 cup of this soup has got 160 calories out of which 4% come from total fat, 5% come from saturated fat, 5% come from cholesterol, 20% come from sodium, 8% come from carbohydrates and 16% come from dietary fiber content.