How Many Calories in Dessert Wine

Dessert wine is a kind of a wine which is generally served along with dessert as it goes well with sweet items. Dessert wine is of many types and varieties and many companies manufacture these types of wine.  Are you aware of the number of calories that are present in dessert wine? Do you know whether there are any health benefits associated with dessert wine? If not and you wish to find out more about dessert wine then please read the following given information:

Calories in Dessert Wine

1 glass or 3.5 fl oz of sweet dessert wine contains about 165 calories of which 5% of the calories have been contributed by total carbohydrates. The nutrition grade which has been given to this wine is C-. There are several positive points that are associated with dessert wine. Some of them are that this wine has no cholesterol in it, t is devoid of any saturated fats and there is very little sodium in this wine type. The negative points about this wine are that it contains alcohol and has a large amount of sugar as well.

St. James Winery is a company which makes many types of wine and one such variety is the Blackberry dessert wine. 5 fl oz of this Blackberry dessert wine manufactured by St. James Winery contains 100 calories in total. Out of these 100 calories, 4% of the calories have been contributed by total carbohydrates. This wine has got alcohol in it and this is the only negative thing about it.

Dessert wine can also be dry in form.1 glass or 3.5 fl oz of dry dessert wine contains 157 calories and has been given C nutrition grade. This wine has low sugar, no cholesterol, no saturated fats and has very little sodium content in it and these are the good things about it.