How Many Calories in Chocolate Pecan Pie

Chocolate pecan pie is a kind of a pie that has been made out of chocolate and is available in several different variants.  A chocolate pecan pie is made and sold by many companies and it can be easily made at home. A pie of this form contains quite a few calories and the number of calories in a chocolate pecan pie may differ according to the ingredients used and the method by using which it is made. The following given information will be useful for you if you wish to know more about chocolate pecan pie:

Calories in Chocolate Pecan Pie

Clif Bar is a company that makes tasty chocolate pecan pie bar, 48 grams of which contains about 180 calories. This chocolate pecan pie bar has been allotted grade A as far as its nutritional value is concerned. Out of the 180 calories, 7% of the calories come from total fat, 15% of the calories come from saturated fat, 5% of the calories come from sodium, 8% of the calories come from total carbohydrates and 8% of the calories come from dietary fiber content.

This particular bar has a lot of benefits such as the fact that it has high amount of vitamin C, high amount of calcium and iron, large percentage of magnesium and manganese, high niacin content, large phosphorus amount, high percentage of vitamin A and vitamin E, a lot of vitamin E and vitamin B12, high amount of vitamin B12, loads of riboflavin and selenium and lots of thiamin as well. The only negative thing about this bar is that it contains a lot of sugar. Bob Evans Farms Inc is another brand which makes chocolate pecan pie. 1 slice of this pie weighs 196 grams and contains 812 calories. Out of the 812 calories, 140% come from saturated fat.