How Many Calories in Egg Yolk

Eggs are one of the most consumed food items across the world and an egg yolk is an equally loved and relished product. Egg yolk is extremely good for the health and has got a good nutritious value as well. Are you aware of the number of calories that are present in egg yolk? Do you know that different forms and types of egg yolks have different number of calories and health benefits? If you wish to find out more about egg yolk, then this is just the right place for you as there is useful information given in the following part of this article:

Calories in Egg Yolk

1 large raw and fresh egg yolk which weighs around 17 grams contains 54 calories out of which 7% have been contributed by total fat, 8% have been contributed by saturated fat and the other 70% comes from cholesterol. The nutrition grade given to egg yolk is B- and the high amount of cholesterol and saturated fat can be considered as the two negative points about it. The good points about a raw fresh egg yolk are that there is very little amount of sodium present in it, sugar content is low and the content of phosphorus, selenium and vitamin B12 is very high.

Egg yolk can also be consumed in the dry form.1 tablespoon of dry egg yolk weighing 4 grams contains 27 calories and on the scale of nutrition, it is placed at the B- grade.31% of the 27 calories are present as a result of the presence of cholesterol, 3% comes from total fat and 3% comes from saturated fat. There are many good things about dry egg yolk such as low sodium and sugar, high pantothenic acid, high phosphorus, high riboflavin and high vitamin B12 content.  The high cholesterol level and large amount of saturated fat are the two bad things about dry egg yolk.