How many calories in Brovida Cordara

Brovida Cordara is very classic and well-known wine, made from fermented fruits, especially grapes .The yeasts, lactic acid and small amount of bacteria is used as the fermenting agent.  It is also the most expensive wine and considered to be the most prestigious beverage in the world. This red Italian wine is produced from big tannins, Blueberry, coffee, dark berries, flowers, Red currants, spices and Red Raspberry. The mixed aroma of coffee and the blue berry, make this wine stand apart from the other wines.

Brovida Cordara

Brovida Cordara gained huge popularity in short time and is now a commonly found energy producing drink in the world. 227g or 8 oz. of this red wine has 160 calories of energy, the calorie count increases or decreases with the quantity of the drink. The total quantity of carbohydrate content in 8oz. of the wine is 17.9 gm. 15mg of sodium is generated from the fruity ingredients and this is the source of 1% of the total calorie index.  Once this wine is consumed, more than 6% of energy comes from the carbohydrate, sugar, and raspberry content in this wine.  It contains only 5.5% liquor, so it is ideal for brunches or just mid-day drinking.

Some of the national journals stated that Brovida Cordara is a fat free wine; however further evidence is needed to prove the fact that consumption of this wine does not increase body weight. However, the fruit ingredients in Brovida Cordara do not make it an unhealthy drink actually. Too much consumption can of course bring health disorders.

There are some varieties of Brovida Cordara with a fresh and sweet aroma that has tinges of flowery and fruity flavor. Some varieties have the mixture of lemon and orange, thus giving a citrus taste. The plain flavor of Brovida Cordara is undoubtedly delightful, but the addition of these added flavors are making the drink even more popular.