How many Calories in a Juiced Green Apple

Apple is the fruit of the apple tree having a scientific name Malus domestica .This fruit is a part of the rose family. Apple is a widely cultivated tree and very much useful for human being. Starting from Central Asia apple is cultivated in little amount in various countries worldwide. This is the only fruit that is related to various cultures and the religions due to its disease controlling capacity and many more features. There is more than 75 million of cultivator spread all over the world that is capable of producing huge amount of apple, especially in the tropical and sub-tropical zone. Apple juice is one of the first foods introduce to a child, thus it can be well understood how nutritious and healthy it is.

Juiced Green Apple

Let us have a look at the reason behind the unanimous popularity of this fruit. Apple is very much healthy and worthy for human diet because of its organic nutrients. One glass of apple juice apparently weighs 200g and it builds energy up to 90 calories. Generally, the fresh apple contains Vitamin C, but sometimes more minerals are added by fortification. Vitamin C also helps to prevents oxidation of the products. The concentration of other vitamins is low in it. One glass of apple juice is a perfect composition of natural minerals and natural phenols of low molecular weight such as chromogenic acid, flavonols and flavan-3-ols. Apple is the source of acetylcholine in the brain which helps in increasing the memory capacity.

Apple juice is a sugary mixture that contains a similar amount of sugar as a raw fruit. 8 ounces of apple juice is the source of 28g of carbohydrate which also enriches this fruit with the medicinal nutrients. Since the process of extracting the juice from the fresh apples in large amount is very expensive, it is used as a commercial product in the market.