How many Calories in Wyder’s Pear Cider

Cider is named after the drink made from the fruits, especially apples. Cider contains little amount of alcohol which is known as the hard cider. Lan Wyder is considered as the master of the cider because he introduced many types of cider drink in the market of Canada as well as America and made the cider world’s 17th most selling beverage. This article contains some information about the wyder’s pear cider and its nutritive value. Pear is juice fruit which is the main ingredient of cider and it adds some mild, unique tangy fragrance, providing a unique pear flavor, finishing with a stunning feeling that tickles the mouth area.

Wyder's Pear Cider

Usually one bottle of wyder’s cider weighs 340g and it is always increases your energy index by 140 calories. Most of the energy comes from the 22.1 g of carbohydrates that is capable of producing 7% of total energy index.17g of sugar is added to 340g of cider to give a sugary taste, which also contributes a little to the energy index. Although traditional cider is an alcohol free drink, called soft cider but there are some cider usually with alcohol content and is called the hard cider. Hard cider contains small amount of alcohol which gives a boost to your nervous system.

Pear cider is somehow different from other cider as it is totally FAT free drink, which makes it special in this globalized market to sustain the top position. That means one can easily enjoy the drink without any increase in the body weight or increasing calorie count. Different ciders have different tastes and flavors. They can be dry, tangy or sugary. They have an overall gloomy look and the color may be light yellow-colored, lemon or brownish. The variations in quality and color occur mainly due to filtering system of fermentation.