How Many Calories in a Cheese Pizza

A cheese pizza is a very popular food item that originated in Italy and is part of the Italian cuisine. A lot of people love eating cheese pizzas but are not really aware of the amount of calories that a cheese pizza consists of. If you wish to know about calorie content of different types of cheese pizzas, then the following part of the article shall be of use for you.

A basic and regular cheese pizza slice contains about 140 calories and has got nutritional grade B.  Out of this count, 29 calories come from fat whereas cholesterol comprises of 3% of the calorie count. About 14% of the calorie content is due to the presence of sodium while 7 % is from the presence of protein. The good points about eating a cheese pizza are that it has no sugar content and is also low in cholesterol.

Calories in a Cheese Pizza

A Pizza Hut’s cheese slice has about 220 calories giving it a nutritional grade C. this slice contains 25% sodium, 8% carbohydrates, 12% total fat and the 11g of protein. The negative point about eating a Pizza Hut’s cheese pizza is that it is really high on sodium which is not so good for health.

Papa John’s original crust pizza with cheese is another popular choice of cheese pizza with many pizza lovers. One pizza slice of this pizza has got about 300 calories giving it C- grade in terms of nutritional value and is again really high on sodium count. One good thing about this pizza is that it is low on cholesterol.

Sbarro Cheese pizza is also a popular cheese pizza choice and one slice of this pizza contains a huge number of calories that is 459 calories. It contains 45% sodium making it really very high on sodium count.