How Many Calories in Sesame Sticks

Sesame sticks are very tasty to eat and relished and enjoyed by a lot of people. Sesame sticks are made up of sesame and may have a good amount of calories if the sticks are sweetened. Depending upon the preparation of the sesame sticks and the ingredients used, they may have difference in the amount of calories and nutritional value. You can go through the following part of this article about sesame sticks to find out about the calorie content and other such details.

Basically, sesame sticks of serving size 2 oz contain about 308 calories out of which 35% comes from sodium content, 32% comes from the total fat content, 18% comes from saturated fat content, 9% comes from carbohydrates and 6% comes from dietary fiber. Since sesame sticks contain no cholesterol and have very low sugar content, they can be considered healthy to eat but only when a limited quantity is consumed. On the other hand they have high amount of sodium which is one of the negatives points.

calories in Sesame Sticks

Good sense also produces sesame sticks and that too in garlic flavor which is enough to attract the taste buds. Infact the calorie count of 27g of garlic sesame sticks from this company is 150 and the nutritional grade is C-. Since these sticks have no cholesterol and no sugar, they are considered a pretty decent food item.

Vita Spelt prepares salty sesame sticks, 25 pieces of which account for 150 calories. Even inspite of no cholesterol and no sugar content in these sesame sticks, they have been given a nutritional grade of C- which may be due to only 4% of dietary fiber content and low percentage of vitamins and important constituents such as iron and calcium which make up for 6% each. Vita spelt sesame sticks contain no alcohol and low protein.