How Many Calories in Pastry Cake

A pastry cake sounds really mouth watering but at the same time it also contains quite a few calories in them. There are many different flavors in which pastry cakes are available such as chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry etc and each of these flavors consists of different number of calories. If you wish to know about the calorie content of these pastry cakes, then you can go through the following part of the article:

Calories in Pastry Cake

A European style pastry cake consists about 270 calories in one serving and out of which the total fats take up about 22% whereas saturated fat is 35% in weightage. Carbohydrates make up for 10% calories and the cholesterol content is about 13%. The nutritional grade given to a European style pastry cake is D grade.

A pineapple pastry cake is one of the most preferred choice of a pastry and rightly so because it only consists of 70 calories in a single serving which is about 2 tablespoon. The good part about eating a pineapple pastry cake is that it has no saturated fat and no cholesterol content but it is definitely high on the sugar count which can be considered as one of the negative points of consuming a pineapple pastry.

A strawberry pastry cake might also seem like a good choice of a pastry as it contains only 70 calories in one serving and is quite tasty as well. The nutritional grade given to this pastry is C- and the good points about a strawberry pastry cake are that it is low on sodium content, low of cholesterol content and does not have any percentage of saturated fats. The only negative point about consuming a strawberry pastry is that it is really high on the amount of sugar. This pastry consists of 6% carbohydrates.