7 Easy Side Dishes to go with any Meal

A very common dilemma arises regarding the servings of side dishes. Though you have prepared a complete dinner for your weekend but then your mind starts to search around what to serve with it. You need to adhere two key principles i.e. prefer to opt what is in season and always remember about the canned goods.

The first principle should be that you can make the side dish with easily available ingredients. Prefer those veggies to prepare your side dish which are easily available at the local market. However, the second principle complements the first one. Utilizing the canned beans or chickpeas combining with seasonal vegetables, you can prepare delicious side dishes. Check out these easy to make side dishes for all kinds of meals –

side dishes to go with any meal1. Roasted Vegetable Salad with White Beans

To complement almost any of your main dishes, roasted vegetable salad with white beans can be a great option for you. To prepare you just need to chop some colorful vegetables and open up little canned beans.

2. Brown Rice Salad Combining with Apples, Cherries and Walnuts

If your motto is to arrange some healthy side dish for your family or friends then just prepare some extra brown rice and toss it with some crunchy walnuts and to add sweetness, cherries can also be added to it.

3. Red Potato Salad Prepared with Scallions and Radishes

Potatoes are always counted as favorite side dish ingredient amongst all communities. Either you can opt for boiled or steamed potatoes and throw some crunchy veggies and add olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and salt.

4. Tomato and Sweet Corn Salad

Salad can be considered as healthiest side dish which can complement almost any dinner or lunch recipes. In the scorching heat of summer grilled corn with fresh tomatoes will simply testify your tongue.

5. Miso Soup

Another quick and easy recipe would be miso soup which can be added with any kind of meal. According to your choice you can add rice or egg with it.

6. Simple Arugula Salad

This salad recipe can be prepared quickly and it can be complemented with everything be it an omelet of breakfast or chickpea stew.

7. Grilled Vegetables

Any grilled vegetable can enhance the enjoyment of your main dish. Some grilled cabbage wedges or a bunch of asparagus or a chunk of romaine lettuce will just be fine.