How Many Calories in a Glass of Sweet Tea

The calorie content in a glass of sweet tea differs based on its method of preparation. The number of calories in a glass of sweet tea is mainly determined by the amount of sugar and milk added to it as tea in itself does not contain any calories. A regular sweet tea having one fourth cup of milk and 2 level tea spoons sugar has 63 calories. If 2 heaped spoons or sugar cubes are added to a similar quantity of milk and regular tea than the calorie content would rise to 84 calories. 1 oz of sweet tea has 8 calories while 1 cup contains 90 calories. The calorie content in 1 can of sweet tea is 129 calories and 1 bottle of sweet tea is 180 calories.

Glass of Sweet Tea Calories

Sweet Tea is usually consumed to rejuvenate oneself and it is recommended not to add too much sugar in it as this would increase the calorie intake. Consuming large quantity of sugar and calories would make you feel lethargic rather than reenergizing you. Sweet Tea also contains carbohydrates, proteins and other micronutrients. The content of all these nutrients also differs based on the way sweet tea is prepared. A glass of sweet tea prepared at home has far less calories than a glass of sweet tea available in the market. There are various flavors and other ingredients added to the sweet tea available in the market, thus increasing the number of calories.

Different kinds of sweet tea available in the market including Dunkin’ Donuts Sweet Tea which includes 120 calories, 29 grams carbohydrates and 28 grams sugar in a small serving of 16 fl oz, Mc Donald’s Sweet Tea which has 230 calories in a regular serving and CHICK-FIL-A Sweet Tea which contains 230 calories in a Large serving. Similarly there are various other kinds of sweet tea available in the market.

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