How Many Calories in a Pickle

There are various kinds of pickles that are available in the market and the calorie content in each of these differs from the other. In fact not just the calories the content of other macronutrients also varies from pickle to pickle. While the calorie content in some kinds of pickles may be nil others may have a good number of calories in each serving. For instance the calorie content in both Baby Dill Cocktail as well as Baby Dill Pickle is 0 the number of calories in Baby Kosher Dills is 5. Similarly the calorie content in various other kinds of pickles also differs. Baby sweet pickles and bread and butter pickles have 35 calories, Bread and Butter spears pickles have 0 calories and Cornichons pickled Gherkins have 5 calories.

Pickle Calories

Country Style Dill Pickles have 10 calories, Dill Cucumber pickles have 5 calories, Dill pickle planks have 5 calories, Hannaford Dill pickle slices have 0 calories, Bob Evans Dill pickle slices have 2 calories, Culver’s Sliced Dill pickles have 1 calorie, Dill Pickles Garlic have 3 calories and Dill sweet and sour pickles have 10 calories.

Fried pickles also have different calorie contents based on their brand and kind. Fried Dill pickles have 972 calories, Texas Roadhouse fried pickles and Hooters Fried pickles have 150 calories, Gourmet bread and butter pickles have 30 calories, half sour pickles have 10 calories, Hamburger Dill Chips pickles have 5 calories, Hamburger Dill Pickle Chips, Hamburger Dill Pickle slices, Hearty Dill Pickle and Hot and Spicy Pickle have 0 calories. Bick’s Hot Mixed Pickles, Kosher Dill Pickle Halves, Kosher Dill Pickle Wholes, Kosher Dill Pickle Spears, Kosher Dill Sandwich slices pickle and Kosher Dill sandwich stuffer pickle and Mt. Olive Fresh Kosher Dill pickles have 5 calories whereas Mt. Olive Dill pickles and Kosher Zesty Garlic Pickle have 0 calories.

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