How Many Calories Should I Eat for Dinner

The daily recommended intake of calories is 2,000-2,500 for adult males and 1,800-2,300 for adult females. This calorie consumption should be spread appropriately throughout the day over different meals. It is suggested that your dinner should include around 350-400 calories; this is if you are having 5 to 6 small meals during the day. In case you stick to just 3 meals a day then the calorie intake during the dinner would be a bit higher; it may be around 550-600 calories. However sticking to just three meals a day is not usually recommended by the doctors and nutritionists. They suggest having frequent light/ small meals through out the say.

The consumption of calories may also differ based on a person’s weight, height, his overall health and the activities he is involved in through out the day. It is also dependent upon whether a person is trying to loose a few pounds, maintain his current weight or trying to put on some weight. However, whatever be the case the dinner should be comparatively lighter than the other meals and should thus contain lesser amount of calories.

Nutritionists have suggested that one must take a light low calorie dinner and the same should be had at least four hours before sleeping. It is also advised that the calories consumed in dinner should be high in protein and low in sugar and fat. This is because consuming food rich in fats and sugar calories makes you feel hungry very soon. Thus, if you take food which is rich in fat and sugar you will start feeling hungry by the time you sleep. This would lead to the consumption of snacks before the bedtime which would add on to the calorie intake. One may have food items such as brown rice, chicken breast, broiled broccoli for dinner as these are all high in protein and low in calories. However, whatever you eat, it is essential to observe its quantity.